curated by Christine Duval


 JD Beltran & Scott Minneman, Jim Campbell, Daniel Canogar,  Mel Day & Frank Ham,

Beth Howe, Laurie Frick, James Lanahan, Ligorano Reese, Clive McCarthy,

Simon Pyle, Casey Reas, Laura Splan and Jody Zellen.

“CODE and NOISE” is a multi media exhibition that presents sixteen artists from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, the Bay Area and Canada. Each artist uses, creates or leverages software to produce works that are engaging, stimulating and invite us to ponder many current issues such as the environment, memory, art history, data collection and surveillance. Exhibited works range from tapestry and photograph to video and more elaborate interactive work. This is the third presentation of CODE and NOISE in the US. The exhibition made its debut during the Silicon Valley SF art fair last October and was featured during CURRENTS, an international new media festival in Santa Fe this past June.

September 10th - October 9th, 2016

Opening Reception

Saturday, September 10th - 7 to 9pm


Closing Events

Saturday, October 8th - 6 to 9pm

Sunday, October 9th - 12 to 5pm

See you there!

3026 Airport  Avenue, Santa Monica

Santa Monica, CA 90405   tel: 310-397-7456

Arena 1 is a not for profit contemporary visual arts organization dedicated to promoting cultural exchange through international curatorial projects. Based in an historic hangar at the Santa Monica Airport, Arena 1 has an exhibition space where younger, newly established as well as internationally known curators are invited to organize exhibitions representing the most innovative and compelling artists from their countries.